Avoiding Taxi Scams

Ann Arbor Taxi VanIf you think you have been cheated, scammed or ripped off by an Ann Arbor cab driver, find out what to do about it!

The following tips can help you avoid being ripped off or scammed by a cab driver in the Ann Arbor area:

  • Look for a pink taxi sticker (from the City of Ann Arbor) located on the passenger side of the windshield in the lower corner
  • Look for a white rate card (from the city of Ann Arbor). Most are located on the visor on the passenger side
  • All cab drivers must have a current license. Most drivers place theirs on the passenger side visor

If any of these are lacking it is possible that you are not in a cab that has been licensed by the City of Ann Arbor.

One scam to watch out for is someone in a car that is painted to look like a cab. A favorite is an old Yellow Cab that someone bought. If there is no signage, top light or meter it is not a licensed cab.

Limos, Sedans & Town Cars

Just because they are in the Yellow Pages or on the web does not mean they are legitimate. The phone company just wants the advertising revenue. Also, anyone can print up some flyers and business cards and appear to be a business.

Look for a red State of Michigan Limo Sticker on one of the rear driver side windows. All vehicles of this type must have one.

A common deceptive ploy is to license at least a single vehicle with the State of Michigan. Thus, when you check with the State of Michigan they appear to be legitimate. The vehicle that they send you may not be licensed and the driver may not have the properly endorsed chauffeur license. In the event of an accident, good luck trying to collect for any medical expenses. No insurance company is going to pay out if the vehicle and driver are not legal.

A tip: If the “company” is offering to take you to Detroit Metropolitan Airport for $40 or less from Ann Arbor, they are very likely to be a “Fly by Night Company”.

Is the Limo You Use Licensed by the State of Michigan?

Have you checked to see if the limo company you used is licensed to work in the State of Michigan?. Take a look at the Michigan Department of Transportation list of Current Authorized Limousine Carriers.

Airport Shuttles

If you wish to save money by sharing a ride, shuttles offer a cut rate deals. They typically charge $30-$40 one way, with a discount if you book a round trip.

Beat them at their own game. Put up a sign with the approximate time you wish to depart offering to share a cab. One half of a $50 cab ride is $25. It costs you the same with less hassle. If you find two people to share you win by saving money.

There are 3 complaints we hear most often:

  • Over Booking: When the van is full, they just take off to the airport leaving you stranded
  • Scheduling too tight: You thought you would have plenty of time, but they tried to squeeze in a couple of extra stops and you miss your flight. There goes the big savings when the airline charges you $200 to take a different flight
  • They don’t show up at the airport to pick you up for the prepaid return trip

OK, so you took my advice and put up the sign and you had no takers and you can’t afford to take a cab. Give me a call and I will give you my recommendation.


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