How To File Taxi Complaints

Think you have been cheated, ripped off or scammed by an Ann Arbor cab or limousine driver? Read on to learn some of the techniques used to remove more money from your pocket.

  • The driver purposely took a longer route (exception being to avoid heavy traffic) to increase the metered fare
  • Intentionally getting stuck in traffic to increase the metered fare
  • Under Quoting. For instance, you ask a driver how much it will be from point A to Point B and he responds $6. When you arrive he wants to charge you the $10 that is on the meter
  • He takes you to the wrong place. Only if it is clearly his fault. (If he has to guess where you really want to go, it does not count)
  • Insisting you pay a flat rate, within the city limits of Ann Arbor, that is higher than it would have metered
  • Charging the meter times the number of passengers or charging an extra per head fee
  • It is legal to share a taxi cab with another fare. Drivers will often suggest you do this when there are a large group of people looking for cabs. (This often happens on a Sunday night at the Amtrak Station) However, it is illegal for the driver to charge you more than it would have metered if you would have ridden by yourself. Most ethical drivers will actually give you a small discount
  • You have the right to pick the cab or driver of your choice when they are on a cab stand. A driver can not solicit you or strong arm you into his cab just because he is first in line
  • Watch out for ” Magic Meters ” or ” Drunk Meters “. Some drivers have two meters in their cab. One that is sealed by the City of Ann Arbor and one that is not. If the cab you just took was 50% or more than the cab that took you the opposite direction, you are very possibly a victim. Some drivers will also have a button they can push to have the meter run at a rate higher than the approved rate.

If any of the above happens to you, please take the following steps to report your complaint:

  • Get the name of the cab company & the cab number
  • The driver’s name would be helpful but not necessary
  • Note the date and time
  • Contact the cab company management with your grievance

If the company is not responsive, get in touch with the following person:

Officer William Clock
Ann Arbor Police Department
100 North Fifth Ave.
Ann Arbor, Mi 48104
(734) 794 6940 ext 49404
William Clock

Provide the above information plus a brief description of the incident. Be sure to include your origin and destination.

Please do not contact Officer Clock for matters that are not direct violations of the City of Ann Arbor Taxi Cab Code. There is nothing in the Ann Arbor City Ordinances in regards to bad haircuts, poor taste in clothing, or singing off key. These matters should be taken up with the cab company management.

Vow to yourself next time to take Amazing Blue Taxi®.

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